7 Ways to Add Pops of Colour to a Room

Paint an Accent Wall This is the most obvious option. An accent wall can really add a punch of colour to a room and become the main focal point. This is a…

blogger recognition award

Blogger Recognition Award

Forever Yung was nominated by fellow blogger Woman in Progress. This may not be a big deal to some, but this is a small achievement for my corner of the internet. Thank…

A Little Slice of Japan

Japan is absolutely beautiful with its perfectly manicured rice fields, meticulously curated Zen gardens to its metropolis areas that mesmerize you with their bright neon lights. Below is not a detailed summary…


5 Essential Cocktail Hacks for Your Next Party

Find the Perfect Balance You need to find the right ratio with a good balance of flavours. The ratio that is generally used as a starting point is 2:1:1 – 2 parts…

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